High-strength Tapes / Ribbons

High-strength tapes are applied in many fields and can be produced with different fibre orientations.

Product variations

Tapes can have different mechanical values, depending on the type of yarn, e. g. high-strength polyester, carbon, aramides or other technical yarns. Maximum ribbon width is 35 cm. The integration of other technologies like braidings or twisted ropes is also possible.

The tapes can be manufactured from carbon, glass, basalt and aramid. Likewise, production with high-modulus fibers such as IMS, UMS, M40JB or pitch fiber is possible. 

The weave is freely selectable. The options include LW, K 2/2, Panama and UD, as well as other weaves.


- individual design
- high diversity of woven fabrics
- adoption of various high performance fibres possible
- high tensile strength / E-moduls


As several plies can be woven together, multi-layered products are an improvement to tape / ribbon design.

High-strength Tapes / Ribbons