Through the use of a special gusset corner joints of 3-dimensional components can be filled and can thus be reinforced.

Product description

The gusset consists of a warp knitted cover of 90°-plies and a core consisting of three cords. The twisted cords have different diameters in order to fit exactly to an angle connection.


Product variations

Besides the standard version of the gusset with three cords as core, it is possible to vary in the number of cords. Furthermore, the diameters and materials of the cords can be composed user-defined in order to ensure the complete filling of the cords.


The gusset can easily be placed into the preform by peeling it off. If required it can also be laminated afterwards into the component part additionally.

Distribution Partner

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  • Easy inlaying 
  • Freely configurable
  • Reinforcement of weak corners and edges 
  • Ideal run of forces in the component


The reinforcing corner is now also available with an additional rim on both sides. This rim can be adapted individually according to your specifications.This technical improvement enables an easier inlaying into the component.


Information about Gussets

data sheet gusset 15015

data sheet gusset 15016

data sheet gusset 15017

data sheet UD-gusset 17001

data sheet UD-gusset 17004