DRAPFIX (post-drapable non-crimp fabric made of glass/carbon fiber) can be fitted perfectly into your component as it has mainly been designed as local reinfocement for them. The fact that the fibers are movable guarantees a high drapability ex post.

Product description

Our non-crimp fabric is either made of glass or carbon fiber. The material can be adjusted individually due to your specific ideas and requirements.

Product variations

The width and mass per unit area of the biaxial can be varied. Additionally, it is possible to use other types of reinforcing fibers.



DRAPFIX is mainly used as reinforcement of components in the composite sector. Especially the engineering, aerospace and automotive sector offer numerous possibilities for applications.


- Simplifications of the production process
- Easier drapability of components with demanding geometric forms
- Low weight at high stability
- Minimizes the time of cutting process as it is possible to drape most geometries → reduces process costs


DRAPFIX Information

Data Sheet 15060_DRAPFIX Glass 1007g/m²

Data Sheet 15066_DRAPFIX Carbon Tenax 349g/m²

Data Sheet 15062_DRAPFIX Carbon Tenax 679g/m²

Data Sheet 15073_DRAPFIX Carbon Aksaca 348g/m²

Data Sheet 15074_DRAPFIX Carbon Aksaca 678g/m²