Spiral Ribbon

A spiral ribbon enables individual reinforcements of curved structures. Diameter and materials can be specified.

Product description

A spiral ribbon consists of a woven structure. Weaving style can be chosen to specification.

Product variations

A spiral can be produced in various materials, both as ribbon and tube. The following parameters can be specified: Material, diameter, width and weight per sqm, it is the frequency of the weft density. Ribbon widths from 10mm to maximum 280mm are possible. Diameters are possible from 50mm up to 6000mm. Spiral ribbons are produced as endless spiral to component thickness.

Spiral Ribbon


Spiral ribbons are used for brake discs and grinding discs, as well as in fast rotating components.


- weight reduction compared to steel discs
- no waste cutoff
- stable edges due to return weft process
- no corrosion like metal discs
- fiber orientations follow load paths
- individual specification: material, diameter, width, weight per sqm


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