Woven Ribbons and Tapes


Woven ribbons consist of yarns, rovings or twisted yarns. For composite applications our woven semi-finished products' thread orientation is 0° and 90°, (guidance thread in 0°) or 0° (guidance thread in 90°). Maximum ribbon / tape width is 35 cm.

Product variations

It is also possible to vary the width within the ribbon, resulting in a narrowing structure. Other technologies like braiding or twisting may also be included within a ribbon structure.

The tapes can be manufactured from carbon, glass, basalt and aramid. Likewise, production with high-modulus fibers such as IMS, UMS, M40JB or pitch fiber is possible. 

The weave is freely selectable. The options include LW, K 2/2, Panama and UD, as well as other weaves.

Woven Ribbons and Tapes


- no frays because of the return weft 
- easy handling 
- individual design 
- time saving 
- suitable for series manufacturing


As several plies can be woven together, multi-layered weaving is an improvement of ribbon design. Multi-layered woven ribbons are especially appropriate for series production, as placement time into the component can be minimized.