Light emitting concrete

In cooperation with "LBM Lichtleitfaser-Fasertechnik GmbH" we developed a light emitting textile, which resulted in a new unique material in combination with a new concrete cast process.

Product description

A light emitting concrete is a self-compressing concrete including an optical fibre textile by a specially developed cast process. The fibres transfer artificial- or natural light from one side to the other. Light emitting concrete shows amazing possibilities of transformation with light, colour and shadow.

Light emitting concrete


By use of light emitting concrete you can discover the material concrete completely new.It can be used like normal concrete.By light emitting fibres material can be presented by light, colour and shade. Be creative.You can receive the complete system at , product name "Lucemento".


- effect lighting possible
- uniform light transmission
- different thicknesses available
- structurally comparable to normal concrete